Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price

Product Review FoodBot S2 Review
Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price
Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price
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Foodbot S2 Review !! Although it may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, food 3D printers do actually exist. Foodbot S2 review is becoming more and more popular not only for professionals, but also for personal use. That said, how does food 3D printing work? To what extent is it similar to standard 3D printing?
Foodbot S2 use extrusion 3D printing technology, much like regular desktop FFF (FDM) 3D printers. Instead of using plastic material, though, food 3D printers use food paste-type ingredients. The most common ingredients are chocolate, pancake batter and cream, although there are many other possibilities (even pizza!). They are 3D printed layer after layer, generally through a syringe-like extruder.

FoodBot, the pioneer firm which specialized in 3D meals printing enterprise on the earth . Foodbot 3D Food Printer, basically focuses on 3D Printing Experience into Kitchen ,and redefining the tactic of meals printing . With a highlight solely on the 3D meals printer, Foodbot 3D meals printer has acquired quite a bit reward and help from customers so far as the most interesting printing affection , the nice interactive operation , the no restricted substances in potential which is ready to not at all let the shopper Regret.
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Foodbot S2 Review

A versatile food 3D printer, the FoodBot S2 can print chocolate, biscuit, jam, cheese, mashed potatoes, toffee and more! You can change the speed between 15 and 70 mm/s based on the accuracy and intricacy of your print, and alter the temperature based on your preferences. let us now indulge in Foodbot S2 review to get an in-depth overview of how this device actually performs.

What stands out however is how great the printer itself looks — if Apple ever made a 3D printer, this is how I imagine it would look. The design is futuristic, elegant and modern; it really adds a sci-fi feel to any kitchen. The 5.2 inch touchscreen and sleek UI add to this atmosphere.

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Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer

Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer is the best product

Print Quality
Ease Of Use
Support & Warranty
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Foodbot S2 Specification

FrameSheet Metal Structure
Printing SupportWifi/U Disk
Support LanguageEnglish/Korean/Chinese
Printing Size150*150*70mm
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm-1.55mm
Printing Speed15-70mm/s
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy0.1/100mm
Z Axis Positioning Accuracy0.01/100mm
File FormatsSTL/G-code
Machine Dimension42.0 * 38.1 * 40.0cm / 16.5 * 15.0 * 15.7in
Machine Weight15kg / 33.1lb
Package Dimension55.0 * 55.0 * 56.0cm / 21.7 * 21.7 * 22.0in
Package Weight23kg / 50.7lb
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Foodbot S2 Features

When designing a Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer specification for a food product, the physical and geometrical limitations of the printing materials should be taken into account. This makes the designing process a very complex task and so far there is no available software that accounts for that. Building such software is also a complex task due to the vast variety of food materials.
The current speed of Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer specification could be sufficient for home use, but the process is very slow for mass production. Simple designs take 1 to 2 minutes, detailed designs take 3 to 7 minutes, and more intricate designs take even longer. The speed of printing food is tightly correlated to the rheological properties of the materials. Research shows that high printing speed results in low fidelity samples due to the dragging effect, while very low speed causes instability in material deposition.
Print Quality
The color, flavor and texture of food are of crucial importance when fabricating an edible product, thus in most cases it is required that a food printer supports multi-material printing. The current available Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer specification are limited to using a few different materials due to the challenge of developing multiple extruder capabilities. This limits the variety of food products that can be 3D printed, leaving out complex dishes that require a lot of different materials.
Ease Of Use
The Foodbot S2 is a food 3D printer and we tested it on the criteria of its convenience in use while printing various types of foods and we were really astonished to see that it is highly easy to handle and operate this device without even making much effort. The quality of the food obtained from this printer is highly edible.

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Additional Features
Free and easy-to-use downloadable software to design any model you like .
Adjustable printing speed and the temperature
The food does not touch the machine directly so that food hygiene is guaranteed.
Recommended recipe/brand included.
Export designs onto and print models from an included Udisk.
Can print more than 10 ingredients include biscuit ,chocolate, cheese , jam etc
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Foodbot S2 Support And Warranty

Foodbot S2 is a food 3 D printer and you should never compromise with the quality of such device as it directly deals with printing edible objects and support and warranty is one such criteria that pro vides ample evidence of its quality. When performing the Foodbot S2 review we came across that this 3D printer comes with a warranty of one year and 30 days replacement policy.

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Foodbot S2 Price

There are various price points for food Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer Price. Prices can depend on the food 3D printer’s build volume and/or on the variety of 3D printable ingredients it is compatible with.

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Foodbot S2

$2,100.00 $2,499.00
While printing the food does not touch the machine directly so that food hygiene is guaranteed.

Foodbot S2 Images

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Foodbot S2 Alternatives

Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price
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Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price
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Foodbot S2 Review, Specification And Price
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Zonestar Z9M4 Best multi-colour 3D Printer

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Foodbot S2 Review – Final Verdict

Foodbot S2 Multi Ingredient Food 3D Printer are suitable for professional, industrial, and personal use-cases. Only paste-type ingredients are printable, but a wide range of food – from pizzas to cakes – can be created. As 3D printed food can be customized according to users’ needs, it can be helpful in many fields, such as medicine.

3D printed food may also represent a hope for the world hunger crisis in the future. What food 3D printers are still missing is the ability to actually cook or bake. That is why cooking robots could be more and more popular in the future. Going through the Foodbot S2 review you can easily understand that this 3D printer can easily be used to amaze the kids, moreover its use in convenience makes it ideal for the kids to operate them.

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Foodbot S2

$2,100.00 $2,499.00
While printing the food does not touch the machine directly so that food hygiene is guaranteed.
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