JGMaker Magic Review, Specification, And Price

Product Review JGMaker Magic Review
JGMaker Magic Review, Specification, And Price
JGMaker Magic Review, Specification, And Price
Highly affordable
Easy to setup
Multiple filament support
Heated print bed

JGMaker Magic Review !! The JGMAKER Magic 3D printer is a competitively priced printer from JGAurora with a lot of features and a decent build area. It’s a great piece of machinery for 3D printing enthusiasts who enjoy putting together printers and modifying them as necessary. The JGMaker Magic proves to be a 3D printer that teaches its users along the way to high resolution builds.

About JGMaker : JGMaker is headquartered in one of fastest-growing city. They specialize in developing, producing, and online retailing 3d printers and accessories. The products of JGMaker could be used in manufacturing, automobile, creative arts, as well as prototyping and DIY makers.
J G Maker offers quality products at reasonable prices, easy to use 3D printers and peripherals, professional customer service, fast shipment, a full investigation and rectification of all complaints. So far, J G Makers have obtained high satisfaction rate from market, and are growing rapidly every year.
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JGMaker Magic Review

Finding a budget 3D printer is not an easy task. While you do wish to get cheaper price options, at the same time, you do not want to miss out on the latest features.
Many assembled JGMaker Magic review with affordable price tags may lack while offering the right set of functionalities. However, a kit option takes you one step ahead.
The JGMaker Magic review would prove the same. Within the $300 range, the 3D printer has proven to be one of the best kits available today. You can go on and on about its benefits and won’t find it overstated at any time.

9.3 Total Score
JGMaker Magic

JGMaker Magic is the best product

Print Quality
Ease Of Use
Support & Warranty
  • Highly affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • Multiple filament support
  • Heated print bed
  • No auto bed leveling
  • Upgrades are difficult
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JGMaker Magic specification

Brand NameJG MAKER
Model NumberMagic
CE CertificationYes
Consumables Diameter1.75mm
Bed TempRoom temp. -110℃
Slice Thickness0.05-0.3mm
Maximum Printing Speed150mm/s
Color Print Speed10-150mm/s
Slice SoftwareCura/Simplify3d/JGcreat
Operating SystemWindows7/Windows10/XP
File FormatSTL,OBJ,G-Code
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Maximum Print Size220*220*250mm
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JGMaker Magic Features

A lot of readers when listening about the cheap budget printer must be willing to find out what all is in store.
However, it may surprise you that the 3D printer offers a wide range of JGMaker Magic Features that may look too far fetched looking at its price. That is why it is worth the try and value for the price.

A lot of printer design does not focus on the safety of the users and place the power supply design on the exterior of the printer. However, JGMaker Magic features has taken a different approach altogether. The 3D printer has an in-built power design to make sure that users do not touch the electronic parts and hurt themselves. Plus, it offers an elegant look to the machine.
Printing with the JGMAKER Magic 3D printer can be done fairly easily after some tinkering. The Z-motor is too flexible as-is and can cause the first layer of builds to squish or warp. This stepper motor is replaceable and should fix any warped layer issues. The printer is loud and should be used in a well-ventilated area.
Print Quality
The print quality is fair for the amount you pay. With smoother finish and precise details, you may want to get deeper into the complex designs. And, for a long way, this 3D printer could seem a reasonable choice.
Ease of use
The 3D printer is not a plug and play device if that is what you are looking for. However, it is also not those kits that take up more than a day to assemble the modules together. With JGMaker Magic features, you can expect to spend about 2 hours, even with no prior experience to connecting the different modules together.
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JGMaker Magic Price

This is what may interest you more than anything else. Knowing that there is a JGMaker Magic Price that promises to offer commendable quality prints without asking for an arm, is highly relieving.
And, if you have been ignoring your interests looking at the expensive machines out there, time to give buckle up for the ride. When looking at the amazing features it provides, the JGMaker Magic price seems so tiny. The machine is value for money. And, you must give it a try if you want to explore the plethora of possibilities 3D printing offers.

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JGMaker Magic

$265.00 $389.00
The printer will warn you when it runs out of filament or there is a problem pulling filament from the roll.

JGMaker Magic Images

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JGMaker Magic Support & Warranty

JGMAKER Magic 3D printers come with a one-year warranty for the motherboard, print bed, and screen. The nozzle, thermistor, and a few other parts are covered under a three-month warranty. It’s fairly easy to reach out to customer service and request additional information on what’s covered by the company’s warranty. There are troubleshooting options available on the website via a Question and Answer forum based on common queries.

To know how to set up the slicer software in a better way – click here

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JGMaker Magic Alternatives

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer
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Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite Best 3D Printer For Kids

One of the best 3D printers for kids which possesses an enclosed design making it highly safe for kids as well as rookies.
$479.00$629.00 Check Item
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Creality 3D Ender-3 Pro Best 3D Printer For Hobbyists

Good printing quality, reasonable cost for the beginners and good performance for the enthusiasts.
$312.00$452.00 Check Item
Flsun QQ-S 3D Printer
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Flsun QQ-S Best Delta 3D Printers

Comes with some of the most world class abilities that can beat others on all fronts.
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TWO TREES Bluer 3D Printer
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Two Trees Bluer Best 3D Printer For Professionals

Double turbo cooling fan. Cooling double ring. Fast cooling, good heat dissipation and many more.
$350.00$508.00 Check Item
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Full functions, support Automatic leveling, Manual leveling, Filament detector, and other basic functions.
$360.00$698.00 Check Item
JGMaker Magic Review – Final Verdict

Every user need varies. Hence, one must go through the detailed JGMaker Magic 3D printer review above to make an informed decision. And, if you want to learn about the technology and wish to find a companion that will go along for years of experience, this is the choice.

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JGMaker Magic

$265.00 $389.00
The printer will warn you when it runs out of filament or there is a problem pulling filament from the roll.
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