Qidi Tech S-Box Review, Specification, Price, Features And More

Qidi Tech S-Box Review
Qidi Tech S-Box Review, Specification, Price, Features And More
Qidi Tech S-Box Review, Specification, Price, Features And More
Great design
Excellent print precision
Doesn’t need much tweaking before being able to produce high-quality results

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Resin 3D printers are making strides in the 3D printing industry, with great machines coming forth. The Qidi Tech S-Box Resin 3D Printer is a lovely machine, designed by a very professional team, dedicated to making top quality 3D prints.
If you’re looking for a larger sized resin printer for your 3D printing needs, this is a pretty good place to look. Resin 3D printers usually have a fairly small build volume, but this one has a build volume of 215 x 130 x 200mm.

About Qidi : Zhejiang QIDI Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese based company that deals with the manufacturing of 3D printers on a large scale. They are committed to developing high-quality, high-performance 3D printers and have 7 years of manufacturing experience. The X series 3D printers developed have been the most popular among users which is evident by the fact that user satisfaction rate remains the best all round the year.

Qidi Tech S-Box Review

Right away, the major selling point of the Qidi Tech S-Box is its large print volume. Most consumer-grade LCD printers today, like the ELEGOO Mars or Anycubic Photon, have very small build platforms. That’s because they all, including the S-Box, use a 2K-resolution LCD screen.

Just like on a TV screen, the bigger the screen, the more spread out the pixels and the less definition. That means you’ll usually get better definition on a smaller screen, just as is the case with LCD printers.
So, you might wonder if the Qidi Tech S-Box review relatively large 8.4”L x 5.1”W x 7.8”H build volume has worse print quality than smaller printers. Remarkably, the Qidi Tech S-Box review team designed this printer with the same or even better precision as smaller machines.

At peak performance, the S-Box achieves Z-axis print resolutions as tiny as a single micron and XY-axis up to 40-microns small. Of course you aren’t likely to print in such tiny resolutions, but it gives you an idea of the insane accuracy the S-Box can achieve.

9.3 Total Score
Qidi Tech S-Box

Qidi Tech S-Box is the best product.

Print Quality
Ease Of Use
Support & Warranty
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great design
  • Excellent print precision
  • Doesn’t need much tweaking before being able to produce high-quality results
  • A rather small community of owners
  • No connectivity options besides USB
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Qidi Tech S-Box specification

Build Volume215 x 130 x 200mm
Layer Height10 microns
XY Resolution0.047mm
Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy0.00125mm
Printing Speed20 mm/h
Bed LevelingManual
Materials405 nm UV resin
Operating SystemWindows/ Mac OSX
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Qidi Tech S-Box Features

Although the Qidi Tech S-Box features doesn’t look the most stunning, it’s under the hood that we should be focused on. Let’s have a look at what features we get with this 3D printer. Besides being very easy to use, there are a number of great features packed into the S-Box (Amazon), so this article will be looking to review some useful information to help you guys decide whether this is the right 3D printer for you.

The Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 S uses ChiTu firmware and pairs with ChiTuBox for print file preparation – the de facto standard in budget desktop MSLA. Using the printer is easy, simple and frustration-free.
The provided instructions are comprehensive, which we’d argue makes the Shadow a pretty solid pick for a complete beginner with zero prior experience with this style of printer and slicer.
The sturdy design of Qidi Tech S-Box Features ensures that you do not have to face the possibility of wobbling through the Z-axis, and it is equipped with a dual Z-axis guide rail design.
This will actually help you eliminate common wave patterns in 3D prints, resulting in a smoother finish while giving you a high quality print. The internal structure of this 3D printer is made from aluminum CNC technology.
It has a double-line guide rail, giving a proper tensile structure, as well as an industrial-grade ball screw in the middle. These parts lead to the accuracy of the S-Box being able to reach 0.00125mm on the Z axis.
It will enable you to strengthen the stretching force, reduce the layer pattern, and improve the printing accuracy.
Qidi mentions that this 3D printer is the first Z axis motor equipped with a TMC2209 drive intelligent chip.
Print Quality
Print quality is generally terrific – expect fine details, even on teeny tiny models. Printing edge to edge across the breadth of the plate, we see no sign of distortion.
Though it isn’t stated anywhere, we’d hazard a guess that the film used in the vat is treated with some kind of anti-stick coating. The final layer of every print has a glass-smooth finish that you don’t find with every budget resin printer and, imperceptible as it is, you get the sense that layer changes are silky smooth with little resistance as the print separates from the film.
Ease Of Use
You will see a uniquely designed leveling structure, i.e., one-key leveling and a double-layer insert structure. It is very simple to use and is made of cast aluminum, leading to a stable and better mechanical structure.
This feature helps out a lot when printing those larger models to impress others, and even yourself!
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Qidi Tech S-Box Support & Warranty

Qidi is well-known for their professional after-sales support, so in the unlikely event that you have any problems with your 3D printer, you should get a swift reply and efficient solutions to get things up and running perfectly. To this point, Qidi Tech S-Box Support & Warranty customer service is legendary for its prompt responses and eagerness to find solutions. If you have a problem with your machine, whether it be with shipping or troubleshooting, QIDI are quick to correct their mistakes.Your purchase will come with a free 1-year warranty.

Qidi Tech S-Box Images

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Qidi Tech S-Box Price

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Qidi Tech S-Box

$895.56 $1,499.00
Qidi Tech S-Box has a fully industrialized design with the best mechanical structure, with a net weight of 25 kg (55lb).
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Qidi Tech S-Box Alternatives

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Qidi Tech S-Box Review – Final Verdict

The Qidi Tech S-Box Price runs for about $895 and, for the price, it has a lot to offer. The good build quality and high accuracy make it ideal for the production of highly-detailed parts.
The print quality is incredible. The machine is capable of delivering fine details even on tiny models. Also, it doesn’t show any flaw or distortion even when printing across the build plate.
The device is really simple to use and provides a great 3D printing experience. The instructions, videos, and troubleshooting guides are accurate and comprehensive.

That’s why the Qidi Tech S-Box is great for professionals, as well as construction projects and making cosplay items alike. But not being an enclosed 3D printer it can sometimes be dangerous to operate owing to the high temperatures it involves while printing, so it becomes a necessity to follow the safety norms involved in 3D printing.

To know the safety norms – Click here

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