Qidi Tech X-max Review, Specification, Price, Features And More

QIDI X-max 3D Printer
Qidi Tech X-max Review, Specification, Price, Features And More
Qidi Tech X-max Review, Specification, Price, Features And More
Pre-assembled and easy to set up
The package includes a toolkit and spare parts
Easy to use

Looking forward to Qidi Tech X-Max Review, or need further information on its specification, features and price. Then you have landed on the right space as this article will take you through a detailed guide of Qidi Tech X-Max review, and all other information that you might need before buying the Qidi X-series.

If you’ve done some research about some of the best 3D printers, you may have come across the QIDI Tech X-Max 3D printer. QIDI Technology have been focused on developing 3D printers of the highest quality and performance, in their 6 years of manufacturing experience.

About Qidi : Qidi Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese based company located  in the city of Ruian, Zhejiang Province and deals in researching, developing and manufacturing 3D printers on a large scale. Though Qidi came into existence for about 7 years but have captured the market heavily, which is evident by the fact that their user review rating remains consistent round the year.
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Qidi Tech X-max Review

When designing the X-Max, QIDI aimed at producing a high-performance 3D printer with a large build volume and broad material compatibility. That’s why they developed a device with a build area of 300 x 250 x 300mm and two swappable extruders targeted to different types of filaments.

One hotend is tailored to standard consumables, while the other one handles advanced thermoplastics.
According to the producer plan, the printer had to be stable and reliable in order to grant the best user experience to their customers. The enclosed structure, the double Z-axis and the quality hardware along with the intelligent features and efficient customer support serve the purpose. Interior light, air purification, low noise, Wi-Fi connectivity and print recovery are some of the clever functions you will benefit from.

9.1 Total Score
Qidi Tech X-max

Qidi Tech X-max is the best product

Print Quality
Ease Of Use
Support & Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Pre-assembled and easy to set up
  • The package includes a toolkit and spare parts
  • Easy to use
  • Lack of dual extrusion
  • Heavyweight and large footprint
  • No filament runout sensor
  • Lack of remote control and monitoring options
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Qidi Tech X-max specification

Build volume300 x 250 x 300 mm
Print headSingle
Print bedHeated magnetic removable plate
Bed levelingAssisted fast manual leveling
Nozzle size0.4 mm
Max. hot end temperature300 °C
Max. print bed temperature100 °C
Filament diameter1.75 mm
Supported materialsABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, nylon, carbon fiber, and PC
Print accuracy50-200 microns
Min. layer thickness50 microns
Printing speed30-150 mm/s
ConnectivityEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi
OS compatibilityWindows 64-bit/macOS
SoftwareCura/Qidi Print, Simplify3D
Power450 W, 110-220 V
Dimensions600 x 550 x 600 mm
Weight27.9 kg

Qidi Tech X-max Features

As for the extruder, the X-Max some stock with a QIDI Tech 3rd generation extruder designed for printing with generic consumer-grade materials. An additional high-temperature brand extruder is included in the package. A powerful turbofan effectively blows the air under the nozzle. Two enclosure fans are installed on the back of the printer. Additional fans with integrated filters are mounted inside the printer, on the back wall.
It has a full-metal CNC machined aluminum alloy which gives amazing support rather than plastic.This 5-inch full-color touch screen conjunct with dazzling icons enlarges an eye-catching implementation for you. If you use it, you may find this hardy and robust supportive metal overwhelms the majestic sweetness of the printer. The QIDI TECH Professional service team is ready to serve you.
Print Quality
The X-Max comes with a robust and stable metal construction open on both the front and the upper side. The metal frame is covered by a plastic external shell. A transparent plexiglass door and a plastic hood complete the structure. The print head slides on a 10-mm steel rod.
Ease Of Use
To perfect the offering for ease of operation, the 3D Printer exhibits a removable print bed. Not just that, the build plate is bendable. Hence, you can bend it a few times to pop the print out of the bed. However, you must be careful when taking out prints with thin layer height. Or, it can break in between, spoiling the entire effort. Although this isn’t something to worry about, you must know everything to ensure safer print operation.

Qidi Tech X-max Price

This isn’t the cheapest option out there. However, it does provide huge perks to users in terms of print quality at this price range.

Qidi Tech X-max

$1,493.56 $1,758.68
Full metal support more stable than plastic support; Aviation aluminum, CNC machining aluminum alloy

Qidi Tech X-max Support & Warranty

Qidi Technology offers a dedicated team of professionals to handle the issues of the customers. You can connect with the team through emails and the company would reach you within 24 hours to provide an instant resolution.
Also, the various guides and manuals available on the website are highly handy. And, how to forget, the large community of 3D makers in support of Qidi Tech is growing at a high pace. This further strengthens the reliability of the machine.And, you get a year’s warranty with X-Max.

To know more on the software used by the Qidi Tech X-max – Click Here

Qidi Tech X-max Images

Qidi Tech X-max Alternatives

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Final Verdict – Qidi Tech X-Max Review

If you are looking for a 3D printer that offers high precision and various other perks, staying slightly higher than the mid-range of desktop printers, this could be your way out.
Reading Qidi Tech X-Max review clarifies the same. However, missing dual extruders could disappoint a lot of users though.

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Qidi Tech X-max

$1,493.56 $1,758.68
Full metal support more stable than plastic support; Aviation aluminum, CNC machining aluminum alloy

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